Nonsense, horsefeathers, and idle musings from a decade in South Korea (2002-2012).

Get to Know This Idiot

By Aaron

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When coming across a new blog, readers often find themselves trying to get a sense of who it is they're reading. What is his general worldview? What sorts of topics does he most often tackle? Just, you know...who the hell is this person?

Well, here's one version of the biography:

Aaron McKenzie was born in Boise, Idaho, USA, and attended the fourth grade at the Livingstone Junior Academy for Adventist Delinquents-to-Be in Salem, Oregon.

Over the course of his life, he has been amused by drunk women on Maui; roughed up by Romanian thugs in a Budapest strip club; critically wounded in the Second Boer War; scared by a seven year-old in Ahmedabad; and charmed by semicolons in sentences.

If this site seems irrelevant, that's because it is. If this site seems Korea-centric, that's because Aaron lived and worked in South Korea from 2002-2012 and retains an interest in that peculiar little corner of Northeast Asia.

He has no children, no pets, and no idea what you're talking about.

If we're being serious, however, I'll mention that I have studied at the University of Oregon and at the KDI School of Public Policy & Management. I have worked as a researcher at the OECD's Korea Policy Centre; as a ghostwriter for various companies in South Korea; and as a lecturer in the business schools at Sogang and Yonsei Universities in Seoul. I am presently a (non-resident) visiting scholar at The Center for Free Enterprise. My wife and I currently make camp in the United States.

If you're looking for an entry point to this site, you can luxuriate in the topic-specific writings below or simply have a look at my favorite posts.

A few random posts on my time - or just life in general - in Korea:

Having an academic and professional interest in such matters, I often write on issues relating to the Korean economy, its business environment, and the nation's economic development. A few such posts:

I tend to get myself worked into a lather whenever the Bureau of Petty Harassment (in any country) sets about pestering people, and I'm a big believer in what F.A. Hayek called "emergent orders." To wit:

Recollections, Travel, and Religion
Who doesn't like to dwell on the past, or travel, or argue about religion? Actually, a lot of folks hate to do all three. Not me.